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We invite you to use our wellness facilities which offer water procedures (jacuzzi, rain of impressions) and relaxing procedures (steam bath) for body and mind, giving you the injection of positive energy in the scent of aromatic oils and gentle calm music.


Jacuzzi with con heated water (36°C) except for visual effects it creates the atmosphere of pleasant relax. The hot water relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation and alleviates pain. Already in the times of ancient Greeks people appreciated the healing power which existed in the water springs. Thanks to this power you can retrieve vital forces, harmony and peace of mind. Everyone who has once tried the bath with the bubbles knows perfectly that such bath is an indescribable experience which gives a lot of pleasure.


The steam bath has a beneficial impact on human organism mainly because it removes toxins. It improves skin appearance, gives more oxygen which makes us feel relaxed. The water steam penetrates deeply the skin, moisturizes it, improves its appearance, reduces the orange skin effect, purifies the body, relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation, gives more oxygen to the organism. The etherial oils scent increases the results of the steam bath.
The conditions of steam bath allow you to use its regenerating values longer than in the traditional saunas. The temperature of the bath oscillates between 40 and 55°C with the 100% of air humidity.


Water drops of different pressure and temperature combined with aromatic oils have a stimulating influence on blood circulation and regulate the nervous system.
Bath in hot steam alternately with cold water bath strenghtens the immune system.

We cordially invite you to use the hotel SPA. The service is accessible for the hotel guests and for other guests.

Price list:
Jacuzzi (max 4 people) or steam bath with rain of impressions (max 5 people)

  • 1/2h 80 PLN
  • 1h 120 PLN

50% discount for hotel guests.

The prices given above include VAT.


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